Machinery/Equipment Moving


Machinery transportation within the country is made easy by Chariot Movers after taking all the necessary information regarding the nature and type of machine to be transported.

A number of factors are taken into consideration in coming up with the most reliable strategy for carrying out the work. The major factors being the span of machinery movement, the kind and nature of the machine to be moved and the agreed actual time or date of transportation. We ensure safety of the machines on transit by sending some of our men to oversee the movement. The client should give site information on the exact locality on the loading and off loading areas and its advisable for him to able to provide someone to direct our re loaders. Our men are always on transit manning the job to ensure safety and high professionalism during the transportation.

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The Chariot team moved us professionally. We were very pleased with your services and considering you again in future is inevitable. I would recommend Chariot to anybody who wants to move! Alando



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