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Q: How do you move delicate glass wares?
A: Our highly trained crew ensure a professional packing and handling of all fragile items by use of relevant  items to ensure minimized breakages or scratches. Spacing of such items while loading is essential and in case we are unable to accommodate them in a single trip, another trip is carried at no extra cost.

Q: What will be the time span of my relocation within Nairobi?
A: Our moves are normally carried within some hours in day. Our key moving factor is to help our clients move efficiently and with ease within reasonable time possible. We always advice on a specific time to commence the work. Prior packing is done if necessary.

Q: How do you handle fragile and heavy equipments in a narrow stare case?
A: Our highly trained crew has all the experience to handle that with the help of the available tool kit.

Q: How urgent is your move?
A: Depending on the urgency and the distance of relocation, we are always ready for a move. However, early planning is needed in moving because at times we could be fully booked. Call us at least a week before or two to three days prior to your moving day and secure a free booking.

Q: Do you have the DSTV handling services?
A: Yes. We provide installations and uninstallation services for both types of DSTVs. Our personnel are highly competent in handling all installations with a lot of care and intelligence.

Q: How reliable are you?
A: Our well trained staff are God fearing and easy to relate with. They are always flexible and are known well with the company. There are few chances of indiscipline from our crew.

Q: How do you base your charges?
A: The key factors of the quantity of items, their nature and the distance of relocation are always taken into consideration. Although our clients are advised during our pre-survey and our organization is net monetary driven but works towards achieving quality workforce for our clients.

Q: How do I pay?
A: We accept cash and cheque payment. Advance cheque deposits are recommended, that is, 3-4 days prior to the movement especially on heavy machinery relocation. Whatever our clients’ opinions, we allow free consultation and agreement before payments are made. we are always there for you.

Q: Do I have to pay VAT?
A: Yes, we are VAT compliant as required by the Kenya Revenue Authority.

Q: When do I need to pay?
A: The payment terms will be advised during your contract signing with the company.

Q: Can you assemble/disassemble furniture?
A: Yes we can, our team is quite conversant in handling such items with a lot of care.

Q: Can I do my own packing?
A: On some items which don’t need much expertise in packing, you can pack at your own pleasure but we have to provide you with reliable packing materials if necessary. We will arrange for delivery prior to the moving date. We are free to be consulted in case you need any packing advice.

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The Chariot team moved us professionally. We were very pleased with your services and considering you again in future is inevitable. I would recommend Chariot to anybody who wants to move! Alando



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